We represent companies and individuals in civil and criminal appeals in state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. 

We know what it takes to win on appeal, including how to identify the strongest arguments, how to frame the facts and legal issues effectively, and how to present a persuasive oral argument.   

Legal Research & Analysis

All of our on-demand legal services are customized to provide the specific support necessary for each project or matter.  Our lean, efficient team of lawyers utilizes leading-edge technology and research tools, making our firm an affordable option for attorneys who are increasingly pressured for time and resources. 

We have more than 20 years of legal research experience and provide reliable and thorough work product. Our breadth of experience enables us to conduct research quickly and efficiently.  Our team has a long track record of performing legal research within the established budget and deadline, even for the most complex matters.


Many solo practitioners and small law firms do not have access to the cutting-edge research techniques and resources that we use. For example, we provide attorneys with national surveys and relevant examples of jury verdicts and settlements, as well as jury instructions for jurisdictions across the United States. We also have access to secondary materials, including treatises and the Restatements.

Some of our clients write their own briefs and utilize our services on an as-needed basis to provide the research and citations to support their positions. We are also the go-to resource for attorneys in trial or on the road who need an immediate answer.  Call now at 1-800-544-4185 to discuss how our team can best support you! 


Top-tier work product comes from the right combination of experience, technical skill, and expertise. The stakes are high for both you and your client.  The quality of legal research and writing often determines the outcome of a case. We deliver exceptional briefs, opinions and memoranda that will help you and your clients achieve the best possible results. Our clients say that our freelance services help to protect their reputation with judges, clients, colleagues and opposing counsel. 

We provide a full range of written work product, and samples are available upon request. 

          Pleadings & Motions

We draft all types of pleadings and motions, from complaints and answers to summary judgment motions, motions to amend the indictment, and suppression motions.

          Briefs, Memoranda & Petitions 

We prepare a full range of briefs, memoranda and petitions, including trial briefs, sentencing memoranda, appellate briefs, and habeas petitions.

          Records & Appendices

We prepare records and appendices to accompany appellate briefs.

          Attorney Marketing Materials 

Our clients prefer that we prepare their marketing materials because we speak their language. We also ensure compliance with the rules governing attorney advertising. Our work includes: 


                    Blog & social media posts

                    Client Newsletters

                    White Papers

                    Speaking Engagements

                    Law Journal Articles

                    Media Publications

                    CLE Presentations

Coleen has created and taught twelve CLE courses for attorneys across the country since 2013.  She has been recognized by numerous bar associations.  Coleen is happy to prepare a lively, informative, polished CLE presentation for you. 

                    Web Content

Working within your budget, we write the content and partner with a highly respected marketing agency to ensure the content is optimized for search engines and speaks persuasively to your experience. Our goal is help you attract the right clients and improve your bottom line. 

Discovery & Document Review

We are equipped to handle large-scale discovery projects in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.  We will also perform document review at any stage of your case. No project is too small or too large.  

Trial Support

We provide whatever trial support is needed, including preparing witnesses; drafting jury instructions and exhibit lists; creating outlines for direct and cross-examination; and writing the opening statements and closing arguments.  

Court Appearances, Depositions, & ADR

At the request of our clients, we now handle court appearances, depositions, arbitrations, and mediations for attorneys in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.